Lager - Lost and Grounded Running with Sceptres - 330ml

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Pilsner, Vienna, Caramalts


Lots of them!

Size 330ml Bottle


Citrusy fresh with a balance of biscuity malts and a bitter finish. Gently hazy, because of its vegan-friendliness 

Winner of Best British Lager 2016, this Special Lager is inspired by the greats of German brewing and Belgian wheat beers, making it rich with a heap of hoppy freshness. It’s from Lost and Grounded, another inspirational Bristol brewery (there’s a lot of them!) who only joined the brewing scene in 2016 and in that short time have made a great name for themselves. In particular, they have been spearheading the revival of premium lager. 

They’re fascinated by the precision of German brewing, as proven by their seven-hectolitre lactic acid tank, the sort you’re likely to see in many German breweries. This helps them tweak the pH levels during brewing. A very important, often-overlooked necessity, which produces smooth, rounded and delicate beers. Delicious. 


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